Spiritual Engagement

Dr. Archika Didi   didi meditation Spiritual Engagement

Spirituality is an experience, which we beings need to have for self-actualization. Spirituality is the path one walks on, to make a change in perspective and be free from lust, anger, vengeance, negative thoughts and vibes; to be very patient and not acting on impulse and reacting on every mere thing. To have control over your thoughts and desires and body; to have the sense of right from wrong, morally, is to be spiritual.

“Spirituality is a step by step evolution to a higher being.” In saying this, Dr. Didi leads the path of righteousness. When one discovers that one is not the body but soul, with the radiance of a Guru’s guiding rays penetrates one’s soul, all the materialism washes away, the greed vanishes and the purpose of living is realized. For every being to walk on the path of spirituality, to transform from a human being to a spiritual being, Dr. Archika Didi holds every being’s hand patiently through each hurdle of life, teaching self-actualization.

With her each session, the gap of divine and the soul bridges by taking one step forth; each soul connects and receives the Almighty in their soul as the missing piece to their incomplete jigsaw puzzle within. Finding the grace through the light becomes easier with every being experiencing Dr. Didi’s instilled divinity, since the beginning of her time. Her patience and humbleness makes the fragrance of spirituality flow to be spread amidst the forest of the world, in the name of God.

Traveling through the narrow streets, crossing streams and flying around the globe I see all, from the earth so humble, to ever flowing streams, to the sky so clear and the clouds so fluff, with every step I take the divine led me on the path to extend my spiritual family and led me on to impart my percipience in a way that I become the vessel and a medium for the Almighty to radiate and bind all in the thread of love and divinity through speech.

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