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Seeing the unhealthy lifestyle of people and their unawareness towards the ultimate goal, Dr. Archika Didi chose path of meditation and it invoked a strong urge in her to shine the light of enlightenment through the pitch darkness of the world and show the right way to people. She started working in the field of social welfare by building a divine entity in the name of “Life Pathway”, dedicated strictly to meditation and yoga. The founding bricks were laid in 2013 by the hands of Dr. Archika Didi.

The organization conducts regular retreats circling around meditation, yoga and spirituality. The events hosted, disperse the knowledge of traditional Hindu scriptures with a modern scientific twist with her foreknowledge in play, to unlock the mystic energies stored within each individual, the infinite shakti, leading each one on the blissful path of spirituality which in turn cleanses each soul and elevates them above the pettiness of worldly affairs and materialism while maintaining a balance of mind, soul and body.

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Life Pathway