International Youth Wing

Dr. Archika Didi   8 IYW ashram International Youth Wing

An energetic mind and a dynamic thinking is what the need of the hour is, and to fulfill this demand Vishwa Jagriti Mission developed The International Youth Wing. International Youth Wing was created to encourage the youth from all around the world to join hands and help the world untie itself from the evil chains of child abuse, domestic violence and other initiatives.

Dr. Archika Didi’s loving nature connects with youth and her interactive nature has led her gracing the position of the President of International Youth Wing, where she lets the youth to step up and lend a helping hand in the betterment of society and contribute towards the noble causes of environmental help and charitable events.

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Dr. Archika Didi   9 IYW ActionPic 2 International Youth Wing
Dr. Archika Didi   9 IYW ActionPic 1 International Youth Wing

International Youth Wing