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Dr. Archika Didi took up humanitarian projects, working in social welfare starting up a non government organization under the name of “Dr. Archika Foundation”; the foundation commenced its functioning in 2013, observing the miserable life that the people were going through, Dr. Archika Didi founded this organisation to work towards empowering women and helping children become independent socially, economically, and help them be emotionally stronger. Starting various projects for empowering women, through Shri Shakti Manch, under this; vocational training centers have been functional for making the women economically independent with numerous workshops on cookery, beauty courses, stitching and self defense; Dr. Archika Foundation has helped over 2,000 women.

Classes on time management and career counseling have also been conducted to help children overcome stress of school and exams. Time after time, deceased and the poor were provided with medical and financial aid in forms of charity and free medical checkup camps.

Along with all these, a “Widow Welfare Scheme” has been in action for women who suffer from the loss of their significant others, the foundation helps these women by providing them with certain basic necessities, in order to lift off economic burden off their shoulders and help them keep their head held high so they live a dignified life.

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Dr Archika Foundation