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The Birth of a Noble Being

Dr. Archika Didi’s divine spirit came into existence of this physical and spiritual world by the grace of His Holiness Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj, her father. She has been brought up with love and divine knowledge. Getting the best education, along with divine spiritual knowledge; she became a well placed doctor and completed two doctorates in “Alternative Medicines” and “Yogic Sciences”; realizing her main motive in life, to heal what’s on the inside and not merely what’s on the outside, via meditation and yoga.

With a serene heart, open mind, and calm persona, Dr. Archika Didi creates an aura of metanoia. Known for her tranquil touch of hearts, she accepts everyone who comes under her shade to attain the spiritual enlightenment and peace; to fall into a routine of fitness and sort their intangible mind’s mess to get rid of social anxiety and achieve positive attitude in life. She shouldered the responsibility to free the troubled souls from the worldly web of mess – materialism, vengeance, ego, pride and power, to lead them on the path righteousness and walk you through the dense forest of worldly desires by carrying you through the thorns of life and teach you to conquer every challenge with a brave heart.

With the beloved salutation – Didi

The term “Didi”, in India is to denote an elder sister or a sister figure. It is out of respect that we do not call our elders by their names, but with denoted designations.

Dr. Archika, chose to be called as “Didi” for being like an elder sister for the masses, and she supports like every elder sister promises and be a mother-like figure.

We turn to our sisters for guidance and advice; Dr. Archika Didi being a sister guides many on the righteous path and gives out advices which are most valuable for the lost siblings. Leading them on the path of meditation, spirituality and yoga, Dr. Didi guides them towards a healthy lifestyle, with a proper nutritious diet and adopting natural healthy things to consume instead of imported expensive food items; following ayurveda and naturopathy, utilizing the resources and experiencing the best of nature.

Daughter to disciple

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Dr. Archika Didi’s divine spirit came into existence of this physical and spiritual world by tHer father, His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj, has also graced her by being her Sadguru, she is ever so grateful to The Almighty for this revelation. She being named “Archika”, meaning to pray and to be lost in meditation mood, the name is quite fitting. Dr. Didi had the best companion disguised as her father, her only true Sadguru. Walking through all the hardships in life, she never has been afraid to move forward in life and she never had to look back to be sure of her father being her support.

The guidance of a Guru, the support of a father, and the love of both combined, she has been blessed by the Almighty by getting it all from one divine man, her father, her Sadguru, His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj. Turning a disciple, a daughter realized her Sadguru’s grace and the divinity installed of the universe, she has been brought up with love and divine knowledge; where every step was led by her father guiding her on the true path of life, a daughter turned into a disciple with this progress in life.

Founding Organizations

Dr. Didi has realized her aim of life and she has adopted Sadhna (meditation) and Sewa (to serve the mankind). Being brought up by Maharajshri, she has been instilled with divine spirituality for helping the destitute of society and help them build up strong along with guiding them on the path of meditation and yoga to realize their purpose of life with their aim of being, in order to lead them to self actualization and be in service of God.

Dr. Archika Didi chose path of yoga and meditation and it invoked a strong urge in her to shine the light of enlightenment through the pitch darkness of the world and show the right way to people. She build up an organization in the name of “Life Pathway” in 2013, dedicated strictly to meditation and yoga, to cleanse each soul and elevate them above the pettiness of worldly affairs and materialism while maintaining a balance of mind, soul and body.

One the other hand, she took up humanitarian projects, working in social welfare starting up a non government organization under the name of “Dr. Archika Foundation”, in the same year, where she started various projects for empowering women, through Shri Shakti Manch, since 2013, under this; vocational training centers have been functional for making women economically independent, along with “Widow Welfare Scheme” has been in action for women who suffer the loss of their significant others, in order to help them keep their head held high so they live a dignified life.

Her connection with youth and interactive nature has led her to the position of the President of International Youth Wing, where she lets the youth to step up and lend a helping hand in the betterment of society and contribute towards the noble causes of environmental help and charitable events.

Honors and awards

She has been awarded with Dinkar Sahitya Award, by the President of India and World Congress Senior Citizen Award, by the World Congress Foundation. She was also honored to present a speech at The Art Institute, Chicago, on Swami Vivekanand’s birthday.

Scholarly milestones

Master of Science (Yoga)
The Global Open University (Nagaland)
Alternate Medicine
The Global Open University (Nagaland)